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How do you buy a house with no money out of pocket? Fortunately, there are a number of lending programs that will let you buy a house and don’t require a down payment. Here are five lenders that will help you buy a home with little to no down payment. 97% ltv mortgages

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Local Down Payment Assistance Programs. Many state or local down payment assistance programs reduce or eliminate the need for a down payment. They are often in the form of an interest-free, "silent" second mortgage that doesn’t need to be repaid until the house is sold, refinanced, or paid in full.

Conventional Lending and Zero-Down Mortgages. While it’s not exactly easy to buy a home with no down payment in the current climate, it is possible if you can show that you have adequate income.

If coming up with a down payment is a struggle, an alternative to buying a house with no.

Learn about your options for buying a home with no money down.. Whatever your reasons for seeking a mortgage with no down payment, here are a few options you can explore. An experienced lender or mortgage broker can help you navigate the features of the various programs and help you choose.

Another method for buying a house with no down payment, and one that works for either investors or someone just looking for a home of their own is the Lease Option (rent to own). attorney bill bronchik has made a good living teaching this strategy to others. Simply put, you get a lease with an.

Research your state’s home buying programs. In addition to the Federal Housing Administration loan program, there may be other programs in your state that will help you buy a house with bad credit and no down payment. Visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development: local homebuying programs.

Are you itching to get out of your apartment or rental and into your own home? The problem many home buyers face is the lack of funds.While saving up for a down payment is always a great idea, there are some ways you can buy a house with little to no down payment.

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