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How to Buy a Mobile Home. Purchasing a mobile home is a major investment. A mobile home is a great option when you’re on a budget and in the market for a new home. An advantage of buying a mobile home is that you can spend more on the.

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Anyone who has tried to buy something with bad credit knows that it can be pretty tough. Thankfully, there are ways that you can purchase a mobile home even with a low credit score. Before you give up on having a place of your dreams, here is how to work toward your mobile home. Know your credit score.

Whether you are a first time home buyer and are looking for home loans for people with bad credit, or have owned before but have been recently turned down, our specialists as well as many online resources can provide you the tools you need to attain your goals. Things have changed a lot, you can buy a home with bad credit now.

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What Credit Score Do I Need To Buy a House? First, let’s take a look at the credit score ranges from FICO: Exceptional credit = 800 and above Very good credit = 740 to 800 Good credit =670 to 740 Fair credit = 580 to 670 Poor credit = under 580. Even if you have low credit, there are still options for buying a home.

Finding home loans for bad credit isn’t for the faint of heart, but there’s good news if you’re wondering how to buy a house with bad credit. You can!. Realtor.com mobile apps Find homes for.

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Did you find your dream home, but are worried that mobile home financing won’t come through?Is this your first time buying a home and you aren’t familiar with the banks? Have you bought before but had your credit score take a slide with the recent recession?

A mobile home can also move, theoretically, which makes it harder for the bank to trust because it might not be on the property when they come to repossess it for nonpayment. All in all, mobile home loans are fairly standard and simple. They don’t require top rate credit scores, but they do require you to have certain criteria met.

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